My journey into Interior Design, Decorating & Styling, is a different story than most.  I was looking for a career change after my son was born. now 19 years ago!  It was time to find a career that not only worked with my lifestyle, an active mother of 2, but that also gave me time to unleash my creativity and pursue something that was my own.  Seeing as I was forever rearranging furniture, painting the walls or re-purposing this or that to work in my space, the industry of design seemed like a natural path.  I studied, shadowed a local designer and worked as a design consultant, all the while asking lots of questions!  In 2004 it was time and I was ready to go out on my own and so Wicket Blue Interiors was born.


Wicket Blue Interiors, and myself have definitely  evolved over time.  Starting small with color consultations and space planning to now working on major home renovations,  show homes, event display and styling.  My involvement in events has also lead to me shaking my fear of  the microphone and I have grown to love doing presentation on what I do best...Design & Decor.  I also write and style regular features in community publications around the city. 


As I have evolved as a designer and stylist, it has become clear that my true passion is for helping clients define their style.  I love to get to know my clients, how they live and how they want to feel in their space. I feel most accomplished when I can take a clients house and create a home they love to live in!